Roofing Systems


Full Roof Systems

A full roof system is exactly what it sounds like. All of your current roofing will be removed, any damages repaired, then a new roof system will be installed. Based on the materials you want installed will determine the method used.

Steep-slope roofing

Steep-slope roof systems typically are composed of individual pieces or components installed in shingle fashion. Steep-slope roof assemblies typically consist of three primary parts:

  • Roof deck — a roof deck is the structural substrate and usually is a wood-based material such as plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).
  • Underlayment — underlayment provides temporary protection until a roof covering is installed and provides a secondary weatherproofing barrier. Sometimes underlayment is referred to as "felt" or "paper."
  • Roof covering — the roof covering is the external water-shedding material.

Low Slope Roofs

Most low-slope roof membranes have three principal components:

  • Weatherproofing layer or layers — the weatherproofing component is the most important element because it keeps water from entering a roof assembly.
  • Reinforcement — reinforcement adds strength, puncture resistance and dimensional stability to a membrane.
  • Surfacing — surfacing is the component that protects the weatherproofing and reinforcement from sunlight and weather. Some surfacing provide other benefits such as increased fire resistance, improved traffic and hail resistance, and increased solar reflectivity.

Roofing Materials

GAF & Certain-Teed Shingles

GAF & Certain-Teed Shingles

GAF & Certain-Teed Shingles


 GAF is North Americas largest manufacturer of roofing products. You can sleep easier, knowing that you have protected the roof that protects your family 

Metal Roofing

GAF & Certain-Teed Shingles

GAF & Certain-Teed Shingles

metal roofing

 Benefits to metal roofs. First and usually most attractive feature is that in almost all cases a metal roof will last a lifetime 

Repair Services


Roofing Repairs

Gilmore Roofing will come to your home, inspect your roof, and confirm any damages that your roof has. We will then offer a consultation to address your options. Always looking for the most cost effective and sensible way to secure your investment, Your Home. 

Missing Shingles

Depending on the product that is currently on your home, we can usually match the product and make repairs in a way that will prevent any further damage 

T-Nail Wicked

 Roofing nails sticking up, called T-nail wick or nail pops, might look like an unimportant issue. However, they can cause leaks, particularly if you have an asphalt shingle roof. The nails might have popped because they were not properly installed or because of daily changes in temperature and humidity; whatever the reason, you can protect your roof by having Gilmore Roofing repair them promptly.  

Plywood Buckled

 Buckled plywood can present a problem and cause leaks that will damage your interior & exterior property. Replacing the buckled plywood further extends the life of your roof 

Additional Services

 Plywood Damage * Hail Damage * Attic Vent * Chimney Flashing * Maintenance & Inspections * Dryer Vent * Ridge Vent *Dead Valleys * Crickets * Pipe collars & more. Don't see what your looking for, contact us today. If it has to do with roofs, we got you covered.